5 Best Blogs To Follow About Couchbase

The community for couchbase is still quite small, but if you know where to look there are some great blogs out there.

Here is our rundown of the top 5 best blogs to follow for Couchbase news and articles (in no particular order).

Without any further ado here we go!

  1. Hardlifeofapo is a blog packed with great articles that are really in depth, recommended read has to be Couchbase querying for sql people. Also contains articles on Elastic search integration and NodeJs amongst others.

  2. Couchbase themselves maintain an excellent blog with many of their staff contributing articles Couchbase blog. Check out the Couchbase 101 series (4 in total). The first article of the series is here

  3. Tug was a Couchbase evangelist but has since moved companies, so I doubt this blog will continute to have any newer Couchbase articles, however it still has a nice backselection with working examples on his github. Tug's blog is here and our standout article would be this dive into Couchbase,twitter and map reduce in real time CouchbaseTwitter Mashup

  4. Not a blog per se but rather an example of best practices when approaching document modelling,views and general Couchbase concepts. Couchbase Models is maintained by Jasdeep who is one of the Couchbase technical evangelists, you can reach out to him on twitter here

  5. It's going to be cheeky but number 5 is our blog, it's brand new but we are going to updating regularly and with working examples of different Couchbase concepts, examples will be provided mainly in Java,Ruby and Python. You can reach out to us on twitter here, on stackoverflow here and our github repo is located here

If you have any other blogs that we've overlooked, we'd love to see them and help spread the knowledge!