Installing Couchbase on AWS and Ubuntu

Couchbase is a nosql database built upon memcache technology with persistence and flexibility in both scaling up and down.

Here is how to install on AWS. (If you are just installing on ubuntu locally or on your own server then just follow from step 5 onwards).

  1. Launch AWS instance (64 bit Ubuntu 12.04LTS) (personally I use dedicated hardware for production but a M1 medium box will do for testing)
  • Ensure that for now your aws security group has port 8091 open to your ip
  • In the future when using the couchbase sdk's ensure that the following ports are open Couchbase Ports
  • Ssh onto the machine using the keyfile you created with ssh -i YOUR-PEM-FILE.pem ubuntu@INSTANCE-PUBLIC-DNS
  • sudo wget
  • sudo dpkg -i couchbase-server-enterprise_2.2.0_x86_64.deb
  • sudo service couchbase-server status
  • Visit INSTANCE_IP:8091
  • Start a new cluster
  • Turn replicas off and enable flush
  • Delete default bucket
  • Create new bucket with 1GB of ram